Dadore teahouse

Dadore teahouse

A teahouse where you can taste a variety of Korean teas

Ttuium Tea

If you are interested in Oriental tea, you will naturally experience Taiwanese or Chinese tea. When you taste a variety of teas such as white tea, green tea, black tea, and matcha tea, we wonder what kind of tea we have in Korea. When I try to think of it, it is not easy to think of anything other than Hadong green tea or substitute tea. However, as tea culture begins to develop in Korea, various types of tea are being researched and developed. Today, I revisited <Dadore>, where introduces various Korean teas.



It can be difficult to find because the signage is hard to see. Go up to the 3rd floor of the gray building.

dadore teahouse seoul

Since there are many houses in Yeonhui-dong, it is not easy to find a specific store. <Dadore> is also a tea house located in a building in a residential area, so it is easy to get confused about which building it is. If you go up to the 3rd floor of the gray building, you will find <Dadore> with a small sign.



dadore teahouse seoul

<Dadore> is a small teahouse with bar tables and window seats. Only guests who have made a reservation can come, so you must make a reservation in advance. No matter where you sit, there is a large window so you can enjoy the scenery of Yeonhui-dong over time.


Tea Course

dadore teahouse seoul

Tea Confection


Ttuium Tea

dadore teahouse seoul

The first tea I tasted with Tea Confection was <Ttuium Tea>. This is the first tea officially introduced at <Dadore> this year and it is called "Korean-style Pu'er tea". When you first taste it, it has a savory taste and a bit of acidity. The main flavor is soft and savory without being irritating, so you can drink it daily. A little acidity is a characteristic of fermented tea, so it is said that the more it matures, the more the acidity disappears, and the deep taste increases.

The story of how this tea was first developed is quite interesting. One day, grandmother, who was attending the temple, said that she tasted < Pu'er Tea> given by a monk and she did not like it. It didn't suit her taste and she wondered if it was impossible to make this kind of aged tea in Korea. So, grandmother introduced the method of making meju (fermented soybean lump) to tea and developed <Ttuium Tea> for the first time. In the first few years, she had to throw away all the rotting tea leaves, but after a few trials and errors, she found the right temperature and fermentation method. The <Ttuium Tea> developed in that way will be introduced as funding at Dadore this year, so please taste it if you hear the news.


Spring mugwort tea

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The next drink, <spring mugwort tea> is one of my favorite tea in Dadore. When you smell the tea leaves, a fragrant scent like mugwort latte bursts out and the milky smell makes you feel comfortable just by smelling it. When I asked my group to smell this fragrance, they said it smelled like Kim Jeon-byeong (a Korean traditional snack). All of them have a savory and delicious smell, so it seems that either one smells good. It tastes like corn tea with a subtle mugwort scent added to it, so anyone can drink it without any hesitation.


Jeju yellow tea with pine mushroom flavor

tea dadore

The last tea was <Jeju-do yellow tea with pine mushroom flavor> that made everyone who drank it have a question mark. They said that this is not a product for sale, but a tea that is sometimes given to regular customers who like unusual things like me. It smells like freshly picked pine mushroom from tea. It doesn't smell like cooked pine, but it smells like fresh pine mushrooms that have been picked and ripped. Owner's tea teacher also said that when he drank this tea, he was curious about how the flavor could come out like that. It's not a very tasty tea, but it's not a common scent, so I thought it would be a good experience to eat with dishes like ochazuke or fresh sashimi later.



A nice teahouse where you can feel the charm of Korean tea.

tea dadore seoul

<Dadore> is one of my favorite tea houses. If you stop by <Dadore> when you are tired of the strong taste and aroma of Chinese tea, you can taste neat and clean Korean tea. Since Korean tea is not as distinctive as Chinese tea, it is good to drink daily, but difficult to say clearly that it has certain charms. However, I think that timeless taste is the biggest strength of Korean tea. For those who have been wondering if there are various types of tea in Korea, such as green tea, matcha, black tea, and puer tea, please come to <Dadore> and feel the charm of Korean tea.


Address : 13-9 Jeungga-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul  OPEN GOOGLE MAP

Phone : +82-507-1354-5866

Operation Hours : Tuesday-Friday : 12:00 - 19:00 (walk in), Weekend : Only tea course with reservation  (Monday closed)

Instagram : @dadore_tea

Menu : Tea from 7,000, Tea course 20,000


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Writer : Park seyoung

Special thanks to Park seyoung


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