The Barn Berlin (seongsu store)

The Barn Berlin (seongsu store)

The Barn, along with District and Bonanza, is among Germany's three most prominent roasteries, and it has recently expanded into the Republic of Korea.

The Barn Seongsu store, The Barn The Hyundai Seoul, and Hyundai Department Store Daegu are the three active locations in Korea.

thebarn roastery cafe seoul

About 600 meters away from Seongsu subway station exit 3 is where you'll find The Barn Berlin (Seongsu store). It is not too far from the subway station. Please take public transportation as there is no available parking.

thebarn roastery cafe seoul

Even though it's situated on a side street, you can't miss the information board that welcomes you on the main road.

thebarn roastery cafe seoul

It's in a building that was once a residence, thus the decor is authentic to the Seongsu-dong area. There are seats on the second floor but had to wait around 30 minutes due to the popularity.



There are both brewed and espresso-based beverages available.

To deliver the true flavor of coffee beans, The Barn only offers single-origin coffees. It is said that by using single-origin beans, it is also worthwhile to introduce the bean production area, farm, and farmer.

Currently, there are an increasing number of cafes that want to make a good contribution to the coffee industry. As a customer, I seek cafes with this mindset.

thebarn roastery cafe seoul

Guatemalan-washed bourbon is used for espresso drinks.  It appears that only beans that scored well on the SCA are used in brewing beverages.

thebarn roastery cafe seoul

thebarn roastery cafe seoul

Be aware that decaffeinated beans can only be used in brewing beverages.

Coffee beans are currently imported from Germany. It appears that the roasting equipment will soon be installed in Korea, making that country the second roasting branch.




thebarn roastery cafe seoul

thebarn roastery cafe seoul

It was good to have a dedicated baking area on one side of the cafe so that sweets could be made as needed.

thebarn roastery cafe seoul

Pound cake (lemon/mocha earl gray/triple cheese), Carrot cake, Croissant, and Cookies (chocolate/matcha/nuts).

It was convenient to choose because the pricing was reasonable and there weren't many varieties.



Taste of Coffee

thebarn roastery cafe seoul

After waiting for almost half an hour, we were seated. Thanks to the wonderful staff, our visit was very pleasant.

thebarn roastery cafe seoul

I wanted to try a different type of coffee than I usually drink, so I asked the barista for a full-bodied blend. However, Guatemala Brewing Coffee was recommended, saying that they were pursuing a light body with a clean finish.

And so, I placed an order for a cup of Guatemalan Catuai, a Hot Latte, and an Earl Gray pound cake.

thebarn roastery cafe seoul

Aromatic was the brewed Guatemalan Catuai coffee.

When it was hot, the tip of the tongue experienced an intense stimulation and the lemon candy flavor was there. It starts a little sour but smooths out quickly. Maybe because of this, I found the taste clean.

When it was completely cooled, a very slightly astringent taste rose from the end of the tongue. The clean finish that I felt was very nice.

thebarn roastery cafe seoul

Using washed single-origin beans provided the expected clean flavor in the latte.

Very rich and flavorful, this Mocha Earl Grey Pound Cake is not overly sugary. Next time, I'm going to try the lemon pound cake.



thebarn roastery cafe seoul

You can buy coffee beans roasted and shipped over from the main branch in Berlin, Germany. You can also get them in capsule form or drip bags.

It comes in some nice packaging that would make it suitable as a gift.

The coffee beans are more expensive than at other roasteries, most likely because they are shipped from Germany. Over 30,000 won is quite a lot of money.

Additionally, a wide range of goods is on sale. (Coffee mugs, reusable grocery bags, etc.)




thebarn roastery cafe seoul

thebarn roastery cafe seoul

On the second floor, there are seats available. But other than seats, there is nothing inside. The ground floor and the terrace appear nicer places to enjoy a drink than the upper floor.


Address : 31-22 Ttukseomno 17(sipchil)-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul OPEN GOOGLE MAP

Phone : +82-0507-1313-1955

Operation Hours : Monday-Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00

Website :

Instagram : @thebarnberlin.korea/


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the barn seoul seongsu roastery

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