Apgujeong Jinju

Apgujeong Jinju

Following the success in Apgujeong-dong, "Apgujeong Jinju" has recently opened a second location in Hannam-dong.

apgujeong jinju seoul korean barbecue

It's famous for Samgyeopsal (pork belly) with Minali (water parsley) barbecued on a pot lid.

I visited on a weekday evening when the line was short and the quality of the meat and side dishes was fantastic. Apgujeong Jinju is a restaurant where you can enjoy Samgyeopsal with Minali (water parsley) on an open terrace.


apgujeong jinju seoul korean barbecue

apgujeong jinju seoul korean barbecue

It is a 5-minute walk from Apgujeong Rodeo Station.

All the windows are open when the weather is great, so, even though you're eating indoors, it feels more like you're dining outside on the terrace. There is also semi-outdoor seating where you can enjoy the outdoors even if it is raining.

This restaurant typically has a very long wait, but I was fortunate to visit on a weekday evening and find only two to three groups waiting.



apgujeong jinju seoul korean barbecue

High-quality Samgyeopsal grilled on a caldron lid. The point is to grill Minali (water parsley) and eat it with various side dishes wrapped in seaweed. Hangjeongsal and Moksal meat are perfect delicacies to eat as an extra.


Samgyeopsal  16,000 won / Moksal  17,000 won / Gabrisal  19,000 won / Hangjeongsal  20,000 won


We ordered one Samgyeopsal and one Hangjeongsal. The price is not cheap, but considering the location and quality of the food, the price range is acceptable.

Samgyeopsal barbecue isn't complete without Somaek (a drink mixed with soju & beer). Thus, a bottle of soju and a beer were ordered.

apgujeong jinju seoul korean barbecue​We chose to sit in the semi-outdoor areas. It's like sitting at a table that's been set up on the sidewalk, but the surrounding walls make it feel more like indoor seating.


Side dish

apgujeong jinju seoul korean barbecue

Minali (water parsley), Eorigul-jeot (salted oyster), Gochu-jeol-im (picked pepper), Shin-kimchi (over-fermented kimchi), Kimchi, Pa-kimchi (spring onion kimchi)

The glossy heavy cauldron pot lid has been placed and various side dishes were filled on the table. In comparison to other Samgyeopsal restaurants, there are no wrap veggies. Minali (water parsley) is instead served with and is great when grilled or eaten raw. ​

Another special thing is that it is served with seaweed, and eating Samgyeopsal wrapped in seaweed with salted oysters and pickled pepper is also very good.

apgujeong jinju seoul korean barbecue

Check out the color of the meat. Seriously, that's incredible.

Put all of the meat that was ordered on the grill and get the Somaek ready while the meat is on the grill.

apgujeong jinju seoul korean barbecue

[Video how we make Somaek]

Somaek mixed by him is always perfect. We all worked hard today, so let's celebrate with a drink.

apgujeong jinju seoul korean barbecue

Once the meat is almost done, put parsley and kimchi slices on top and grill.

The meat is always really fresh, and they only use premium cuts like Duroc, so the flavor is superb. Barbecuing delicious meat on a cauldron top is an extraordinary experience. It's even better when eaten with Minali (water parsley).

apgujeong jinju seoul korean barbecue

For Koreans, the perfect barbecue meal ends with a plate of bokk-eumbab (fried rice), so we ordered two portions of fried rice.

Topped with herring roe, seaweed, and fried eggs, it is my favorite style of fried rice.

In addition to fried rice, kimchi stew and soybean paste stew seem to be tasty; thus, I should try other dishes on the menu the next time I visit.

apgujeong jinju seoul korean barbecue

The Apgujeong Rodeo subway station is nearby, "Apgujeong Jinju" is an excellent place to enjoy an outdoor dining environment, the meat is of exceptional quality, and the menu of side dishes is superb. Highly recommended when you want to eat Samgyeopsal near Apgujeong or Sinsa-dong.


Address : 5-10 Apgujeong-ro 46-gil, Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul OPEN GOOGLE MAP

Phone : +82-0507-1437-8790

Operation Hours : Monday-Saturday : 15:00 - 23:00


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