Hwamok Sundaeguk (Gwanghwamun store)

Hwamok Sundaeguk (Gwanghwamun store)

hwamok sundaeguk seoul restaurant

According to singer Seong Si-kyung's YouTube channel, Hwamok Sundaeguk is one of the "Comfort foods" for many celebrities.

I didn't go to the main store in Yeouido because of its distance from where I live, but I did visit the one in Gwanghwamun. I didn't realize there was a break, so I walked across the street to the famous Jongno Bindaetteok and stayed there till the break was over.

hwamok sundaeguk seoul restaurant

Ten minutes before 6 pm, I arrived at the restaurant, but no one was present. Strange as it seemed, I eventually found a sign instructing me to form a queue behind the building.

Thankfully, the queue gradually diminished, and we were able to get a table by 18:30.

hwamok sundaeguk seoul restaurant

As soon as a customer enters ahead of you in line, the owner will come over and ask you for the menu. I was blown away by how nice the owner and his staff were.



hwamok sundaeguk seoul restaurant

Two Sundaeguks, one Soju, and one Beer were ordered.

The rice at Hwamok Sundaeguk is typically served mixed with the soup. If you want rice served separately, you need to request it in advance.


Sundaeguk  9,000 won

hwamok sundaeguk seoul restaurant

While in line, we pre-ordered, so our food was served promptly. This is how the Sundaeguk looks from Hwamok, which Seong Si-Kyung deemed "extremely intense".

It arrived on a cute square tray.

hwamok sundaeguk seoul restaurant

Besides the meat and sundae, it also has Gopchang (intestines), which is really out of the ordinary. Due to the Gopchang, it has a greasy texture. However, the greasy flavor was balanced by the addition of green onions.

hwamok sundaeguk seoul restaurant

Although adding Gopchang gave the Sundaeguk a unique texture which was really tasty. It's greasier than standard Sundaeguk but still manageable. And despite its fiery appearance, the flavor was surprisingly mild.

hwamok sundaeguk seoul restaurant

The kkakdugi (radish kimchi) was fresh and tasty, and while other Sundaeguk eateries serve white salted shrimp, this one offers the more exotic red variety.

Perhaps the salted shrimp was prepared this way because the soup was oilier, but whatever the reason, the two went together really well.



The Hwamok Sundaeguk is known as the favorite comfort food for many celebrities. I felt great since it tasted great, and everyone at the restaurant, even the owner, was friendly. You should definitely stop by a location in Yeouido or Gwanghwamun since the food is delicious.


Address : 11 Saemunan-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul  OPEN GOOGLE MAP

Phone : +82-2-723-8313

Operation Hours : Monday - Friday 06:00 - 01:30 (Break time 09:30-11:00 & 14:00-18:00), Weekends Closed

Instagram : Click here for images


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hwamok sundaeguk seoul gwanghwamun restaurant

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