Jinmi Sikdang

Jinmi Sikdang

Coming from the West Seaside, I used to eat a lot of Ganjang-gejang (soy sauce crab), but finding a decent Ganjang-gejang restaurant in Seoul proved to be a challenge.

The flavor of the West Sea can be experienced here at Jinmi Sikdang.

ganjanggejang crab soysauce seoul korea

My hometown of Seosan City. Seosan Crabs are the finest you can get.

ganjanggejang crab soysauce seoul korea

An image of Ganjang-gejang will welcome you at the entrance. My mouth was watering just gazing at the photos of the bright orange roes.

ganjanggejang crab soysauce seoul korea

​One of the top Ganjang-Gejang restaurants in Seoul, Jinmi Sikdang was also continuously chosen as a Michelin Guide Seoul Restaurant since 2017.​​

ganjanggejang crab soysauce seoul korea

There's nothing really special about the interior here that sets it apart from any other Ganjang-gejang restaurant.


Ganjang-gejang    45,000 won​

ganjanggejang crab soysauce seoul korea

Ganjang-Gejang is served with gam-toe, salty oysters, and vegetables as side dishes.

ganjanggejang crab soysauce seoul korea

I become angry when I visit a Ganjang-gejang restaurant and see crabs with insufficient flesh or roes, however, the crabs at this restaurant are of high quality.

It's true that Ganjang-Gejang is a bit pricy, but once you've tasted authentic Ganjang-Gejang, you'll understand why it's so expensive.

ganjanggejang crab soysauce seoul korea

ganjanggejang crab soysauce seoul korea

On the side, steamed eggs and cabbage soup are served.

ganjanggejang crab soysauce seoul korea

​If you want to enjoy Ganjang-Gejang the right way, you should put some rice in this shell and mix it all up.

Even though it contains roes and intestines, it is not salty; it is even more delicious when you wrap the mixed rice in gam-toe.

ganjanggejang crab soysauce seoul korea

For me, the saltiness of the soy sauce seasoning was perfect, and the meal was overall quite enjoyable.


This is the location in Seoul where you can get the authentic flavor of West Sea crab made with soy sauce.

Nowadays, West Sea crabs are pricey, so Ganjang-gejang at this price is not a waste of money.

Ganjang-gejang had a pleasant flavor that balanced the sweetness and saltiness. Specifically, the roes and flesh are abundant, so you shouldn't miss out on eating it with rice mixed in soy sauce crab.


Address : 186-6 Mapo-daero, Mapo-gu, Seoul OPEN GOOGLE MAP

Phone : +82-2-3211-4468

Operation Hours : Monday-Sunday : 12:00 - 20:00 (Break time 15:30-17: 00)

Instagram : click for more images


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