Jongno Bindae-tteok

Jongno Bindae-tteok

jongno bindaetteok seoul pancake

Right outside of Gwanghwamun subway station Exit 8 is the Jongno Bindae-tteok. It's a popular place that many Koreans are already familiar with.

We didn't mean to come here, but I was misinformed about Hwamok Sundaeguk restaurant's opening hours, and we just had about an hour to kill. So, we decided to visit this place.

jongno bindaetteok seoul pancake

jongno bindaetteok seoul pancake

Even though it was before 5:00 p.m., the restaurant was nearly full.

Like being in an old restaurant, I believed the restaurant was authentic because the majority of customers were elderly.



jongno bindaetteok seoul pancake

I wanted to try Oyster Ddeok-gu (rice cake soup) and Pajeon (spring onion pancake), but we had to dine at Hwamok-Sundaeguk. So, the only thing we ordered was Binde-tteok (pancake) with meat + vegetable. The quantity is substantial, as there are two pancakes on each plate.

jongno bindaetteok seoul pancake

We ordered Gapyeong pine nut makgeolli after being told that it is the No.1 Makgeolli.

I expected the strong pine nut flavor, but the flavor was a little bland and the pine nuts didn't stand out much, but it wasn't too bad.

jongno bindaetteok seoul pancake

The side dishes were served first. Usually, when I go to a pancake place like here, I go for the pickled onions, but the radish kimchi here tastes superb.

None of them was ripened. I don't know if it's because the turnover is too quick or if it's on purpose, but all three side dishes tasted raw. However, this raw fresh taste (?) matched well with the pancakes.


Binde-tteok (meat & vegetable)  24,000 won

jongno bindaetteok seoul pancake

Bindae-tteok comes out very crispy and is sliced into pieces. The one on top is a veggie pancake, while the one below is a meat option.

Take a look at this crispy texture.


Binde-tteok (vegetable) 

jongno bindaetteok seoul pancake

jongno bindaetteok seoul pancake

There are vegetables in there, and the chewiness comes from the mushroom. The paprika flavor particularly appealed to me because I enjoy eating paprika.\


Binde-tteok (meat) 

jongno bindaetteok seoul pancake

jongno bindaetteok seoul pancake

There's a lot of thin meat in Bindae-tteok, but the meaty smell pairs beautifully with the Bindaetteok; for this reason, I prefer meat over veggies.

When eaten with pickled onion, the oily flavor disappears and the dish becomes more delicious.



jongno bindaetteok seoul pancake

When eaten with makgeolli, food always disappears rapidly. Even though it didn't seem like much, I was feeling full.

Jongrob Bindae-tteok in Gwanghwamun is a place where people continued to enter while we were dining. I would like to try different menu items the next time!



Regardless of the presence of vegetables and meat, the dough alone is so wonderful that it makes the location appealing. The bindae-tteok here is incredibly crispy like a snack.

The flavor was incredibly delicious. I'm also curious about the other menu options.


Address : 21 Sejong-daero 23-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul OPEN GOOGLE MAP

Phone : +82-507-1336-1857

Operation Hours : Monday-Sunday : 12:00 - 22:00

Instagram : Click for more images


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