A good brunch place in Cheongdam-dong. It's a brunch place that uses a harmonious scent with a pretty turquoise exterior!

MMN is a brunch restaurant that I visited to soothe my hungry stomach after working outside. I went to the restaurant in a hurry, so I didn't know if it was a good restaurant, but I found out that it was a famous restaurant that appeared on TV. I don't know if it's because of that, but it's more delicious than I thought.



It's not easy to walk because you have to go up a winding hill.

It certainly looked close to the out-of-office area, but when I left, it was on the hill, so I was panting for a long time. It was a result of blinking the fact that the Z axis was not visible on my mobile map. But when I arrived, there was a pretty turquoise shop, so I didn't have to get lost.



Turquoise exterior that's good for taking pictures and plenty of space to sit on.


The sophisticated turquoise exterior was different from the surrounding scenery, so it made me feel like I came to a new space in an instant. Even though I was in Seoul, I felt like I was in Italy or Paris for a while. The interior and exterior seats were also well prepared in comparison to the size of the store, so I could sit and eat leisurely. Even if there aren't enough seats, it would be okay for those who came alone to sit at the bar and eat.




Pretty carrot cake with pink cream, toast with fruit, and appetizing sandwiches. There were a lot of things I wanted to order, but there are only two reasons why I came to this restaurant! You can eat onion soup, which you like so much, but it's hard to find and eat, and the signature menu <Grick Chicken> that you can't see in other houses! When I searched for it, I was so curious about the two menus that I wanted to try. So I ordered the onion soup and Greek chicken without hesitation, and I ordered grapefruit black tea as a drink.



A flavor that infuses the monotonous daily life with a fragrant aroma.


- Onion Soup  9,000 won

MMN's onion soup is soaked in warm bread with plenty of onions. Since onion soup itself is a soup that is close to watery soup, it is easy to feel different from other Western menus, but eating warm bread fills up the deficiencies and makes you eat it with a satisfactory concentration. In particular, the onion soup of MMN has a deep taste even though it has enough sweetness, so I ate it with admiration throughout the meal. Even now, I keep thinking about the onion soup from MMN.


- Greek Chicken  11,000 won

MMN's signature menu <Greek Chicken> was a menu with chicken breasts mixed with Greek yogurt on top of a warm croissant, sprinkled with fragrant "moon" herbs. It's a simple menu, but when you eat it, the herb scent, chicken breast, and croissant are mixed to make a special taste. Maybe because the scent lingered around my mouth, it was a menu that left a strong impression.


- Grapefruit Black Tea (iced)  6,500 won

The drink itself was not particularly memorable. There was a little juice in the tea, but it tasted normal. I heard that there is MMN coffee as a signature drink here, and they will put Madeleine on top of Einspanner. If you have to order only one drink here, I recommend MMN Coffee more.



It's a brunch restaurant that has the charm of re-visiting and imprinted in memory with its high visuals and aroma.


MMN is not a good location, but it was a restaurant that knew what visitors would be attracted to. The signature menu <Greek Chicken> has a fragrant herb moon, carrot cake with pink cream on top, and MMN coffee with madeleine on top. It was such a small point, but it was an attractive store that made me want to visit this house again by giving it a point that is hard to come across in other stores. The turquoise exterior of the store also captures the atmosphere and makes you feel good. If I have a chance, I'll visit again next time to feel the charm of herbs and colorful colors.


Address : 39 Dosan-daero 66-gil, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul OPEN GOOGLE MAP

Phone : +82-02-515-3596

Operation Hours : Monday-Sunday : 11:00 - 20:00 (Last order : 19:00)

Instagram @mmn.seoul

Menu : Onion soup 9,000 / Greek chicken 11,000 / mmn salad 12,500 / Americano 5,000


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Writer : Park seyoung

Special thanks to Park seyoung


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