Monk's Butcher (Itaewon)

Monk's Butcher (Itaewon)

A vegan restaurant that captures both atmosphere and taste.

I'm not vegan, but sometimes I'm attracted to vegan food. It's not because of health, this is because, without meat, you can enjoy food that has a lighter and savory taste. I heard that there is Korea's first vegan restaurant in Itaewon, and I went there right away.



The sign is small and hard to see. Take a good look around.

vegan restaurant seoul

<Monk's Butcher> is a house located on the second floor, so the signboard is hard to see from the first floor. We also looked around carefully, but we passed by and came back. I think it would be better to remember the gold signboard in the picture before your visit.



An antique interior

vegan restaurant seoul

As I climbed the dark stairs and entered the room, I was greeted with an old-fashioned interior landscape. One of the complaints I heard from vegan acquaintances before was that I was told "vegan restaurants with a good atmosphere are rare."



vegan restaurant seoul

I know that the standard for finding good vegan restaurants is "hamburger". However, at <Monk's Butcher>, there were so many menus that I wanted to try, so I didn't order the hamburger. The menu was varied, and there were a variety of vegan drinks to choose from. Above all, there are signature dishes that can only be eaten in <Monk's Butcher>.



A feast of vegan cuisine that is pleasing to the eyes and mouth. I was satisfied with everything on the menu.

vegan restaurant seoul

- Herb Crust Eggplant  16,000 won

The first dish that came out was <Herb Eggplant Dishes>. As I like eggplant a lot, it was one of the dishes I was most looking forward to, and it was a taste I would regret forever if I hadn't ordered it. The roasted eggplant with the fragrant almond sauce, sauce was so delicious. Originally, eggplants were supposed to taste best when fried, but this opportunity changed my mind.

vegan restaurant seoul

- Homemade Gnocchi with Vegan Beef Crumbles  28,000 won

Gnocchi, which I had high expectations for as much as eggplant dishes, did not disappoint me. The chewy gnocchi mixed with sweet pumpkin sauce gave it a soft yet savory flavor. You can think of it as the taste of eating chewy gnocchi with sweet pumpkin soup. Overall, the softness of the food was emphasized, so I felt like my heart was warmed up at the same time.

vegan restaurant seoul

- Water parsley cream pasta  27,000 won

I don't like water parsley that much, but I like vegan cream sauce, so I ordered it. Fortunately, the water parsley came out separately, so I was able to enjoy the pasta comfortably. One of the reasons I look for vegan food is because I like the taste of vegan cream sauce. I was happy that the cream sauce of <Monk's Butcher> did not disappoint my expectations. It was light and not too greasy, and yet I was very satisfied with the flavor of soymilk.

vegan restaurant seoul

- Coconut curry  26,000 won

This menu was far from special. The chewy roti that came with it was delicious, but the coconut curry tasted similar to the curry you can get at other Thai restaurants. It was delicious, but there seems to be no reason to order from <Monk's Butcher>.

 vegan restaurant seoul

vegan restaurant seoul

- Aperitif & Sangria & Side Potatoes

In addition, the sweet aperitif served before meals, vegan sangria, and vegan french fries were all satisfactory. Overall, it was more oily than I expected, and I felt a bit greasy afterward. I think I learned that vegan food doesn't necessarily mean healthy food.



A vegan restaurant that captures both atmosphere and taste. It's a decent place to come even if you're not vegan.

vegan restaurant seoul

Even if you are not Vegan, Monk's Butcher was a good restaurant that was satisfactory to visit just to enjoy the atmosphere and taste.  I don't know, but I think it's a gem of place for vegans. It's a very popular place, so it's a good idea to make a reservation before you visit. I think I will visit again next time when I want to feel the light taste of a feast that can only be tasted in vegan food.



Address : 2228-1 Itaewon-ro, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul OPEN GOOGLE MAP

Phone : +82-2-790-1108

Operation Hours : Monday-Sunday : 11:00 - 22:30 (Break time 15:00 17:00, Last order 21:00)

Instagram : @monksbutcher

Menu : Herb crust eggplant 15,000 / Homemade gnocchi 27,000 / Parsley cream pasta 27,000 / Coconut curry 25,000 / French fries 6,000



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Writer : Park seyoung

Special thanks to Park seyoung


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