Woo Lae Oak (Euljiro)

Woo Lae Oak (Euljiro)

The best place to get Pyeongyang naengmyeon in Seoul is at Woo Lae Oak. It has been awarded the prestigious Michelin Bib Gourmand and is 76 years old.

The restaurant can be found in the alley within a short walk from Euljiro 4-ga Station.


There was a reservation kiosk just at the front door. On weekdays at 6:00 PM, there was no line when I came.






However, to enjoy the Naengmyeon with the recommended Bulgogi(beef) it appears that you must order more than two portions of the bulgogi. I asked if it was possible to get just one serving, and she said it was fine.

one Pyeongyang naengmyeon (20,000 won) and one Bulgogi (37,000 won) were my order.


She asked if she would serve the bulgogi and naengmyeon simultaneously. When I asked how the majority of people eat, she said that it's best to eat both together.



Bulgogi  37,000 won




Pyeongyang naengmyeon   16,000 won




Once the bulgogi was done, the Pyongyang naengmyeon came out. The staff guided me on how to eat Naengmyeon, telling me to season it with vinegar and mustard to my liking before eating it with Bulgogi. There were maybe five or six pieces of meat and a pear inside, as well as a substantial amount of kimchi cabbage that was served as a side dish.


They brought out an orange when I was almost done with my meal.



The broth wasn't watery; it was clear and thick, like a bowl of meat soup. It would be liked by everyone and there would be no dislikes. I enjoyed my food because everyone working there was extremely pleasant.


Address : 62-29 Changgyeonggung-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul  OPEN GOOGLE MAP

Phone : +8202-2265-0151-2-2265-015102-2265-0151

Operation Hours : Tuesday-Sunday : 11:20 - 21:00 (Last order : 20:30), Monday Closed

Menu : Bulgogi 37,000 / Naengmyeon 16,000

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