Hanseong Kalguksu

Hanseong Kalguksu

The Hanseong Kalguksu restaurant has been on my must-eat list for a very long time.

hanseong kalguksu seoul restaurant

You may find it in the Apgujeong neighborhood's restaurant-filled food alley. The fact that I could bring my wine to drink there was another reason I remember this restaurant. The corkage fee for a bottle of wine is 10,000 won. (Corkscrews and wine glasses supplied)

hanseong kalguksu seoul restaurant

hanseong kalguksu seoul restaurant

Hanseong Kalguksu is on the second floor!

hanseong kalguksu seoul restaurant

It was a weekday evening, but the restaurant was packed with customers. Fortunately, there were only three teams in line, so we decided to wait.

The restaurant's large size and large number of diners produce a loud atmosphere. If you can make a reservation, we recommend reserving a private room.



hanseong kalguksu seoul restaurant

Considering the expensive area, the food prices were reasonable. This eatery is enjoyable to have supper, but the menu also pairs well with alcohol, which is why so many people visit.


We ordered one Kalguksu (noodle) and a small size of Suyuk (boiled beef)

hanseong kalguksu seoul restaurant

On the table are condiments, pepper, and napkins. You can find spoons, chopsticks, and wet wipes on the side of the table.


Banchan (Side dishes)

hanseong kalguksu seoul restaurant

Side dishes include seasoned chives, kimchi, and mul-kimchi.

hanseong kalguksu seoul restaurant

All of them were mildly seasoned, making them suitable for pairing with Kalguksu. The kimchi's flavor was unremarkable, but the chives and mul-kimchi were excellent.

hanseong kalguksu seoul restaurant

Lettuce, garlic, soy sauce, and ssamjang were served because we ordered Suyuk.


Suyuk (small)  30,000 won

hanseong kalguksu seoul restaurant

The suyuk was extremely tender. It's great wrapped up with lettuce or just dipped in soy sauce. We should have ordered the larger one for only an extra 10,000 won.


Kalguksu  11,000 won

hanseong kalguksu seoul restaurant

The beef broth gives Kalguksu a clean, not bland flavor. Green onions and seasoned zucchini are used as a topping. The flavor of Kalguksu was unremarkable, but the noodles were cooked perfectly, and the broth was excellent.

What I found was that "Hanseong Kalguksu" serves a fusion of Hwanghae province (North Korea) and Seoul flavors.

We finished them quite quickly and ordered more food, including Nakji-bokkeum (stir-fried octopus) and Jeobsi-mandu (dumplings).


Nakji-bokkeum  38,000 won


Noodles are typically added to Nakji-bokkeum (stir-fried octopus), but we opted not to, which turned out a good idea.

Large chunks of octopus and onion were added, along with some red pepper powder and red pepper paste for spiciness.

The octopus was cooked to perfection, so even though it was served in large chunks, it didn't taste rubbery. Just the right amount of chewiness made it tasty.


Jeobsi-mandu  10,000 won

hanseong kalguksu seoul restaurant

Anju-mandu is served in soup, while Jeobsi-mandu is served on a plate. The soup in the Anju-mandu seemed to be the same as the Kalguksu soup, therefore we didn't order it. 

The chives inside the dumplings offered a nice taste, and the dumplings themselves were quite soft. Perhaps it's because dumplings are one of my favorite foods, they tasted excellent.



The two of us enjoyed a fantastic dinner for 89,000 won. 

Considering the expensive area, it is not surprising that the final amount was somewhat high. Even though I liked everything I ate, my favorites were the Suyuk and Jeobsi-mandu. Nakji-bokkeum and Kalguksu were also excellent choices. A joyful meal was shared by all.


Address : 14, Eonju-ro 148-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul OPEN GOOGLE MAP

Phone : +82-2-544-0540

Operation Hours : Sunday-Friday : 11:30 - 21:50 (break time 15:00 - 17:00, Saturday closed)

Instagram : Click for more images


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hanseong kalguksu seoul apgujeong restaurant


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