One of Seoul's most well-known and highly regarded BBQ joints, Namyeongdon.

namyeongdon seoul barbecue restaurant

We could enter without having to wait at all this time because I got there just before their opening, unlike the previous time I went, when I had to give up and go back because the wait was so long.

Namyeongdon is only a five-minute walk from Sookmyung Women's University Station, exit 6.

There is a catch table machine just as you go inside the restaurant. Input your name and then wait.

On weekdays, it opens at 4 pm; we arrived at 3:58 and could enter around 4:15 pm.

namyeongdon seoul barbecue restaurant



namyeongdon seoul barbecue restaurant

Hangjeongsal (pork) and Gabrisal (pork) are the most ordered dishes here, so we had one of each. We also got a Rice and Naeng-Jjolmyeon (cold noodle).




Ssamjang, wasabi, salt, two varieties of salted fish, and pickled onions.

It was great that you could eat the meat in different combinations because there are five different kinds of condiments to go with it.


Side dish

namyeongdon seoul barbecue restaurant

All the side dishes were delicious, and I thoroughly loved them all.


Kimchi Jjigae (kimchi stew)

Plus, there's complimentary Kimchi stew which is great.


Hangjeongsal (pork) and Gabrisal (pork)

Hangjeongsal (pork) and Gabrisal

​​This appears to be a little serving in the photo, but it's actually quite a lot.

namyeongdon seoul barbecue restaurant
namyeongdon seoul barbecue restaurant

Over hot charcoal, it's never easy to grill. However, you don't have to worry about grilling anything because the staff takes care of it here.

namyeongdon seoul barbecue restaurant

I prefer not to dine at locations where I am required to do my grilling these days.

namyeongdon seoul barbecue restaurant

The meat cooked rapidly due to the intense fire. Although certain parts were slightly burned, the cooking was done to perfection. If the meat is not cooked properly, it will not taste nice regardless of its quality.

Hangjeongsal  23,000 won


Hangjeongsal was delicious with a nice texture.


Gabisal 21,000 won


The gabrisal was cooked to perfection as well! 


All of the meat is grilled at once, and once it's done, they separate the cuts and place them on plates.


Gabrisal and Hangjeongsal were both quite tasty. Perfectly balanced between greasy and tender, with a wonderful texture.

The beef tasted even better because of the tasty sides.

To be honest, I don't believe I should travel all the way here just for Namyeongdon, but if I ever go close to Yongsan, I will most surely visit!

Naeng-jjol-myeon (noodle)  8,000 won


It tasted like chewy cold noodles with a spicy kick. I wouldn't go so far as to call it wonderful, but it was perfect to finish after eating a barbecue.


At Namyeongdon, you may get delicious side dishes and expertly grilled barbecue.

It sounds like a nice spot to take your family or other visitors. It appears to be a spot where everybody will love. One of the best three BBQ locations in Seoul is Namyeongdon, so be sure to stop by.



Address : 17 Hangang-daero 80-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul OPEN GOOGLE MAP

Opening Hours : Everyday : 11:00-21:00 (Break 15:00-17:00)

Phone : +82-2-793-3598

Instagram : Click for more images


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namyeongdon yongsan seoul barbecue restaurant


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